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Lionheart Tattoo Gallery
2010-05-08 / 00:19

like i said yesterday - we were at the lion heart tatoo gallery just chilling in the backroom - cause we arent suppose to make a mess in the front haha^^ so i was sitting there reading my gossip-mags and just being nearly sleeping haha :D

ive met kelu and his girlfriend susa - she is so beautiful and reminds me of tinkerbell! kelu is very laid back and a person fun to talk with!

and here is my boy working! doesnt he look amazing with his latex-gloves haha^^
soon it became afternoon and igor - the nice guy with the bald head and alex' mentor - made his last tattoo for the day. a flower - havent seen the end result but i am sure it looked great!

after that we went watching iron man2 at the most biggest german shopping mall ive ever seen. the movie was soooo great even better then i expected cause we were both full with falafel and cookies :P no because the movie was really really entertaining. it was still exciting eventhough i was watching the trailer quite often! i love mickey rourke! i loved him in the wrestler and now i love him in iron man2! havent seen that much movies with him but i will watch probably the next ones!
i'll be posting another drawing of mine in the afternoon!



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