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Castings & Mood swings
2010-05-10 / 00:08

ive done a lil work on cocks & rats - have to finish it up and fix the shadings in the circle. havent really thought about what i could write on it..but time will see..

have made some shades on crocs & crowns too but not that imposant so i dont wanna show it yet.

weekend was kinda like a rollercoaster. i've been on a "jobcasting" for vapiano. they make really delicious italian food. it was kinda crazy cause i thought there would only be 4 or 5 persons including me and then i was standing in front of the restaurant and there were around 50 ppl!

alex was joking before that it would be like that or even worse with tv cameras and stuff. and it would not have supprised me if there were some hidden ones. at first we watched a video about vapiano - it was kinda cute with very nice pictures. then the hard stuff started. there were 4 rounds. in the first round there were 3 storemanagers and one big boss who were sitting on tables and each of them had a question for us. i didnt want to wait so i ran over and started at the table with a very nice woman - she asked me why i would like to work at vapianos and crazy me answered "because of the money" haha usually you say something like "yeah great atmosphere great team great SOMEwhat" but i said "yeah money baby" but then i added "because of the foooood" with a big fat smile and it worked. the men questions were not that difficult - they asked me "yes and no" question "if i would work for that amount of money" i said "yes" and went on to the next "do you consider to work longer than three months here" "yes" and the last one was something about "would you like to work in a rotating-work-system" and i said "yes". after everyone have done this 30 ppl were kicked out and the last 20 ppl had to fill some blanks. that was the second round the third round were that we had to talk to three of the four bosses and they asked me to tell something about me and i did. they wanted to really know if i have finished studying cause they couldnt believe that a 21yrs old girl allready finished universaty - and i think they have bad experiences with ppl who still study. students are sometimes too occupied with their studies. after talking they said they would call me in an hour if i had the job or not - that was the fourth round - and guess what? they called me and i start work next sarturday! great! so i am a girl with 2 jobs now! hello money goodbye poorness hello travelling! :)

sunday was shit btw.



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