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2011-07-08 / 04:11

some fun at work... its for a campaign for a soocerteam. the campaing is called "hearts 3" - i didnt had anything to do with the idea - cause i would have done it diffrently... anyways germany you get "hartz 4" when you are unemployed - thats around 280-320 euros to live a month (?!) - and since this footballteam isnt that good and need to make money they came up with this idea.
my boss just said he need some tattooish idea for it. i did this within some hours and its still very rough - but he had to get something very fast. i have never drawn a tattoodesign on a wacom tablet - so the lines are very unsteady and i didnt came up with a good idea for shadings - since gradient looks kinda cheap and a soft brush on photoshop didnt look like i wanted it to - so i havent done shadings and just some dots. the "texture" thing is not my style at all - cause i think thats more for shirt design - but since i couldnt figure out those shitty shades - i made it the rookie way. (to ppl who read my blog for the first time and want to take some things for practicing or stuff - just dont take this example for real tattoo drawing - cause usually you have to shade everywhere you make a line - where here you cant do - so its NOT a REAL tattoo design - it is a GRAPHIC)

beside this some things are changing in my life right now. if you want to know about visit my tumblr in some hours and you can read it there. if you dont know my tumblr adress just ask for it and i will post it on your blog. its quite personal so i dont want to know that many ppl about it. and since i know we are all kinda lazy for going on other sites to look for something cause a click can be very stressful - i will just write it to you.

love you guys!


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