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2011-07-21 / 15:31

here we go - my parents will visit me today (its 00.43 a.m. so in 18 hrs or something like that they will be here) and since i havent got time to clean up - i started only 2 hrs ago cause i wasnt at home until then. but not only clean up - we pushed some furniture around..cause we are still not satisfied. i need to buy and sell some of it to feel better in the place. so i thought it would be a great opportunity to show you my new flat i am living in with some shitty pics - cause its night and i was just too lazy to make my cam work right...yeessshh!

so first my workspace. i have a light table - and i love it. i do all my work on it - and since we moved in this flat i really only work on this table and not in bed or in the kitchen. on this board you can see my lovely army of robots. cause yes i love robots!

light-table on

light-table off O.O

more stuff on my board!

and another desk in the corner. the wall is a lil pale.. maybe we put a board there too..or our band posters...

my loved ones <3 the electirc guitar is a epiphone limited and the half-accoustic is an ovation my dad bought me some yrs ago just like this - it was a HUGE surprise!

our kitchen table - and yesh i got my bank-couch-big-place-to-sit-and-eat-and-if-i-want-sleep-thing in the kitchen! i dreamt of this!

the other side of the kitchen..or more the quarter of the other side - i couldnt show you the sink side cause it was full of junk -.-

some pictures i started to put on my walls tonight..its from frank thoenessen. love it.

daaaa bedroooom ..da still messy bedroom haha^^

thats my lil corner with the new sideboard installed - i stared to put the last books i read on the board..and its already full what now? yesh i have to install another board! and i love the chair. its the old chair in which my grandfather used to sit in. still miss him..

the tv used to be in the other room some hrs ago - but it just were to disturbing while working - so i put it in the bedroom. i hate tv in the bedroom - but its better than not working and just watching tv right? anyways...i dont watch that much tv.

so i end this with my messy closet i have to clean up now. it is 0.55 -.- my exercise-bike is already packed with stuff i have to fold..aaah hate it...and yes look at my nice chanel bag - i never wear it mom gave it to my for some spontanious present cause i am obsessed with karl lagerfeld she thought it would make me happy. i mean i love it - i just dont wear it..i just think karl lagerfeld is hilarious funny. thats it. i just dont like to wear "shown" brands. if you know what i mean? its a phobia - cause i have always the feeling to be treated in another way than usual when i show brands i am wearing. *sigh* yeah i am kinda complicated YAY.

have a nice night. i have to fold clothes now -.-

xoxo sandra.




Looking great, Loving your like table... robots... guitars.... oh it's all cool! :)

By Blogger MinusAll, at 25. Juli 2011 um 06:18  

WOW! you have your own light-table!
super cool!!!
here, i've made it manually with lamp, thick glass and wooden box!

i love your artwork, by the way!

By Blogger banonbonan, at 19. August 2011 um 00:21  

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