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we moved!
2011-02-04 / 02:58

just a lil update:
we moved to duesseldorf - and i LOVE my new flat. pics sure will follow. but it is still a mess. we have almost done one room so the other will be very ... full?..and hard to give it a structure. cause it is or more will be our working room - so that includes a lot of books, pens, paper, colors, inks, and just stuff! and a tv/music area is planned in there too. (we love vinyl and i hope my old record-player survived - didnt have the chance to test it yet - if its broken i am dead cause the move has cost us with new furniture and renting a car and stuff around 5500-5800 including the first rent - we are not broke but i want to still save money for bad times ... careful me..btw - why dont ppl talk about money straight away? like how much they earn or how much they spent? i cant understand this behaviour. is that such a private thing? - if you or i dont have money i say i am broke - but if someone has spent some money or gets some money they dont say anything..crazy world!) ..and we even got internet and our phone worked already! O.O in the last flat we had to wait like a month until we that worked - and here - tadadada after 2 days it worked! let me tell you - that move had cost a lot of nerves and a lot of time of organisation - but that was worth it all! and the best thing is: i can offer couchsurfing again - already have 2 surfers who will visit me in 2 weeks :D so if you need a place to stay and if you wanna make my day even more colorful - visit me! :)

...anyway... i am now also happy with my work. i am now more relaxed cause i dont have to worry for my job and so i can handle stress situations much better. and some creative stuff were going around here - so it wasnt that bad. i have done some package-design for a cereal-2-go stuff - but cant show it came out very cute i think. sure there are times there are just boring websites to built but my work-mates are the best to entertain. i think i am getting more and more involved in some kind happy-work-relationship over here. a lot of jokes and laughing over here. i like!

but i am still planning other stuff for the future (me-tattoo-artist=sandra sparkles) but this will take a while until alex earns more money than me - and we dont know how long that takes. he starts tattooing next month and i hope he quits his other job to focus on tattooing - eventhough i like his job (somekind of german starbucks called woyton) the stuff you can buy there for food are just yummie! hahaha :) i am so excited for him and me - i want a tattoo from him. i think my skin will be a great spot for him to practice krkrkr :D

so we are talking about tattoos. i should have got some wolf and deer this month but in some kind a way my beloved tattoo-artist and me couldnt handle to set an appointment - so i have to wait another month. and i have plans for other tatts haha^^ but like i said - first i have to save money.

sooo friends - i hope i will be back soon.

and i wanna watch this movie again



Hast du denn dann jetzt auch die Firma gewechselt oder nur den Wohnort? Aber schön, dass jetzt alles entspannter ist.
Ja Oben ist ein super Film, da habe ich sogar Rotz und Wasser geheult.


PS: ich habe meinen Blognamen geändert, du musst ihn um mich weiter zu followen in deinem Dashboard aktualisieren. Am einfachsten ist glaub ich, dich als Leser bei mir zu löschen und dann neu einzutragen. Würde mich freuen.
Neuer Name:

By Blogger Sarah, at 5. Februar 2011 um 15:48  

ich habe nur meinen wohnort gewechselt - und bei meiner firma geblieben. mochte es ja anfangs eher nicht so wegen verschiedenen aber eher persönlichen gründen aber jetzt fühle ich mich hier pudelwohl. hat wohl auch viel damit zu tun gehabt, dass ich einfach nicht mit meiner umgebung zu frieden war. jetzt ist alles heiter sonnenschein.

so und nun gehe ich deinen neuen blog angucken :)

By Blogger Sandra Valerie, at 7. Februar 2011 um 08:17  

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