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2010-11-13 / 12:15

since i couldnt do anything during the week cause i got a better position on my job - i felt a lil bit guilty. i just worked from 9 a.m. til around 6 p.m. went for buy food, clean the flat, call my parents and wondering where the hell my time goes! so i decided to draw this weekend - and tada! i did it. the paper is challenging - but those are "paper-leftovers" ..i dont want to throw them away...but they are old and they are shit to draw even can see how wave-y the paper got on the rose! but nevermind - i love challenges! i made the decision to make more basic traditional stuff for some drawings - cause i cant afford to take that long time for the drawings anymore cause i am working that much for my other job right now. i get paid by hour now - thats better for me - if i work more i get more if i get less i get less - sounds fair huh? but since that - i try to get as late out of the office as i can manage to earn more money - and that means less drawing - cause i need to sleep early. crazy me. maybe i should train to only need 4 hours of sleep at night.

beside this i was wondering what christmas presents i should buy to my lil 3 lil nices (1,2&7 yrs old) and my older nice who is 15 and my nephew who is 14...and my sister and my parents and my brothers! uhhhh that will be difficult! and maybe i should buy a present for my brothers wife too? uh i dunno - i am not that close with her - and my brother prefers to give my sister presents than me - i dont know why - but it was always like that...hmm..but it would be shitty if only one person would get anything...

i got my boyfriend already his present. he got a new mobilephone (and me too ^.^) - cause we both had mobiles from...loooooooooooooong time ago. mine even got no mms or fancystuff like polyphone-ringtones - i think it would have died if i would have put some of those things on it. i am not a mobile freak - actually those were the first i ever bought - i was more like when my sister got a new one - i got her old one -not always - just twice...but she got that many that i didnt want to change all the time.

what are you buying or crafting or doing for christmas? and what do you eat? i am the only vegetarian on my family so i always go for the sweet stuff and since my family lives in bavaria there are "knödel" ..i think they are called dumplings - and some big fat goose aand red cabbage - I LOVE red cabbage! every now and then my mom goes creative and does me something special.. i was for almost 2 yrs vegan - in that time my mom made fantastic food for me for christmas - couscous and all sorts of african and french vegetables <3 - i should pretend i am vegan again hmm or maybe become vegan again i duuuunnnoooo..typical german is also sausages and mashed potato - i have never eaten those on christmas - but i heard of it. its quite a funny picture in my head now.

i hope we sing this year- last year we couldnt cause the kids were to crazy and wanted to have their presents (i was one of those kids^^). uhh and i hope to get to alex (my bf) best friend - and i hope he gets together with his ex again - cause she made such tasty biscuits! oh i love candy! but my boyfriends mom does fantastic cookies too! oh i have to go on a diet from tomorrow til christmas - just a lil - too loose some weight - cause over the holidays i always gain around 3 - 4kg. but nevermind - its worth it yessshh!

tell me about your fav. christmas!





Well I am really excited for this Christmas since it will be very new and exciting, but my favorite thing at Christmas used to be when we went over to my Grandmas and someone used to dress as Santa Claus for all of us when we were litte that was always pretty cool. This year I am ages away from all of them but loads of new traditions to look forward to!
On your hand I hope I am not being rude, but I think the palm is a little long, if you try to hold you hand like that my wrist starts at around where the line from the thumb ends C: Maybe a bit lower.
I reallt like your rose and stem!

By Blogger Courtenay Cadaver, at 13. November 2010 um 12:58  

oh i was always scared as hell of santa on my kiddy time! new traditions? i hope you will have a good time!
i thought about it too - i usually make shorter - but i wanted to do them traditional - and they are like this.. you couldnt put your fingers in that position either - it would hurt es hell and wouldnt be relaxing at all...but thats kinda scarry about that practice and practice - to get everything really realistic and then - you have to switch - its crazy but good i think.

By Blogger Sandra Valerie, at 13. November 2010 um 13:36  

hmmm - i looked at it again - at the picture and the real drawing - i think it is just the angle i photographed it..

By Blogger Sandra Valerie, at 13. November 2010 um 13:38  

I like the shading on the rose so much!!!

where I live for Christmas we eath tortellini, that are handmade pasta stuffed with meat, and cooked (and served)into broth (I love them ahah!)

I have two nieces too, both have less than a year awww

By Blogger sara, at 13. November 2010 um 14:37  

of course i know tortelini!!! my sister LOVES it! its her favourite food - but my mom always does it with too much cream - for the sauce - so i dont like it that much. but i like it if there is not such a heavy cream on it..ohhw now i am hungry - and lil babynieces are just great!

By Blogger Sandra Valerie, at 13. November 2010 um 15:31  

Dankeschön =)
Dann können wir uns ja gleich mal verfolgen^^

By Blogger lory, at 13. November 2010 um 23:55  

hallo ;) danke für deinen letzten kommentar! ich denke, meine wahl fällt wirklich auf kommunikationsdesign. mit dem gedanken hab ich schon eeewig gerungen... jetzt kommt erstmal die mappen-challenge xD"

aaach, ich hab noch kein einziges weihnachtsgeschenk^^° und für meinen freund hab ich noch nicht mal wirklich ideen oÓ es ist so schwierig, was tolles für ihn zu finden! ansonsten mach ich auch viel selber. das macht mir spaß und die leute freuen sich auch xD zb hab ich einen selbstgemachten aschenbecher für einen freund um gumbadesign und im powerupmushroomdesign(oh je, ich ünterstütze raucher^^°).

wir essen zu weihnachten meist eine weihnachtsgans. also ich esse sie nicht. ich bekomme was extra ;) bin zwar kein vegetarier, aber das meiste fleisch- und fischsorten finde ich ekelig vom geschmack. meist bekomme ich einen tollen auflauf.

und mein schönstes weihnachten war als ich noch im kindergarten war. da war gerade der film pocahontas im kino gewesen und ich war sooo verliebt in den film! und dann gab es diese pocahontasbarbie... ich wollte sie unbedingt haben! sie hatte ein kleid, und wenn die sonne draufschien, war dort ein blättermuster zu sehen.. und dann an weihnachten hab ich mein paket aufgemacht und sie war wirklich da drin. böh, ich hab voll geheult xD

By Blogger Milkalina, at 14. November 2010 um 04:00  

I love your tattoo-drawing's inspiring :D

By Blogger Terry, at 14. November 2010 um 04:51  

the rose really is great!

i just realised that i won't have to buy ANY christmas presents this year (or maybe only one). HAHAAAAA!
oh, wait, i won't get any either. mööö :(

By Blogger ana jasin, at 14. November 2010 um 07:57  

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