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i promised!
2010-10-25 / 13:08

so thats it - thats my first real traditional tattoo. it has "mapa" on it obviously for my mama and my papa. it was my first "real" word. i was kinda selfish as a kid i think - cause i always wanted both. it doesnt hurt anymore - but it is still swollen -.- but anyway - i love the tattoo. the next "lil" one will be for my sister. i know i know its kinda cheezy and all - but i love her and she is bagging me to do it for yrs now! so i will make a book for her - cause i think thats a big thing that bounds us. we used to fight A LOT but when she read me stories about "lotta" from "astrid lindgren - we were always friends. and nowadays we are both just reading A LOT. one of many things we have in common eventhough we are so diffrent. oh i miss my sister. and thank to dirk from the tatt-studio from "leib und seele" who said that i could use color even if i am darkerish - he told me i have the skin of an mexican hot girl (he didnt said hot - but it sounds amazing in my head - mexican hot girrrrl) - and he was so thrilled that i was okay with that cause he said, that ppl from germany are just more "picky" than americans for example...but thats how we german usually are - clean and focus and strict...thank god my other half is african hahaha :D sry i didnt want to offend anyone.

here is a pic of my fatty swollen arm haha

so thats it - call me nerd - but i am watching sailor moon on youtube right now! YESH i LOVE SAILOR MOON




By Blogger design traveller, at 25. Oktober 2010 um 13:49  

i like wow :D

By Blogger Sandra Valerie, at 25. Oktober 2010 um 13:51  

Really good!:) I'm a fan of the art, but I'm fan of simplicity, too, so that combines both!:) Lucky you!:)

By Blogger Dorita Pan, at 25. Oktober 2010 um 22:34  

Das ist schön geworden! Und auch die Idee dahinter finde ich süß :) (und die andere Idee mit dem Buch hat mich gerade zu einem eigenen neuen Tattoo inspiriert, weil ich eben auch so gerne lese ^^)

By Blogger Sharon, at 26. Oktober 2010 um 00:05  

Thats super 'flot' as we say here in Denmark. Love it :)

By Blogger MinusAll, at 26. Oktober 2010 um 10:28  

yay for traditionnal tattoos! looks really good i like it !

By Blogger Kim-Anh Nguyen, at 31. Oktober 2010 um 12:18  

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