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the "i miss..." post
2010-10-19 / 19:32

yes i miss shows a lot. hardcore shows are the best - the crowd - the feeling.
and i miss a lot of things like:

1. friends

i havent seen anyone in my free time for months now (hahaha i dont have sparetime) - except for some hours when i was back in munich to visit my parents. but i am not good with friendships - so i think that wont ever will come true. ooookay thats not true i have friends - i am just a bad friend cause i dont mail, write, call, meet as often as i want to - cause i am a lazy b**** sometimes with those kinda things...crazy that i could even get in a relationship with someone hahaha ...i think i will write about this someday here if i get no sleep again.

2. walking

the town i am living in isnt the best place to go for a walk. it is just ugly and grey and was my work out and now i am getting a big belly cause i am not walking anymore..*sigh*


BUT i am planning on this. next stops will be: antwerpen, amsterdam, berlin and then kopenhagen...thats for sure the bigger plans have to wait. (if anyone knows great places to go (FOOD+concerts) in amsterdam and kopenhagen in particular - write me or post me a link or somthing ;))

4. satisfaction in my job

dont get me wrong - i like my job. webdesigning is fun for a while but i am just not used to do only one special thing all the time (except for drawing). but it will end soon and then i will fullfill my dream - because alex made a lil dream come true with having his side job so i can concentrate on myself again.

5. sunny days

with 23 degrees and a soft gentle breeze on your face
(but i know when its getting too warm again i wish for a winterday again...crazy ppl are we humans)


YESSSSH i wish i could talk to complete strangers again which i am not "forced" to talk with like at work or stuff. i was so used to it all my life..just doing couch-surfing or meeting ppl at the tube and talk to them or meet ppl by blogging / internet or just say hi at shows or at a museum. oh i really really really miss those stuff. thats really a part of my character missing right now.

7. tattoos!

or not that much - cause i found a place for walk ins. so i will go there on saturday hahaha.

8. non-sense-problems

like those you had when you were 15 yrs old. now you have problems like "what kinda furniture will i buy fur this nice table i bought the other day" or "uhhh i have to pay my bills" back in the days there were problems like "uhhh fuck i have to learn this stuff tomorrow will be the test" or "uh how can i sneak out without waking up mom and dad?" ...i dont wanna be 15 again right now - but i wish i had more of those problems than problems who could affect my whole future if i make a wrong decision.

and so on. i could go on and on and on but i like my life. cause i see that it is moving and changing all the time. i think i would go crazy if everything would stuck - it is good the way it is and how it will come i think

but i am a lil bit lost with my insomnia nowadays... i have a lil flu i cant get off..everytime i lay down and my breath goes like "slow" and "causy" like you know you will touch your dream-bubble in a second - yeah then i start to cough as hell. those dry coughs you cant do anything against. i hate them - my muscles on my belly even hurt the next morning once because i coughed that much. and i think i even get a cold - a-g-a-i-n. since we moved in the new office at work - i am like every 2 weeks ill - i really dont know why! in the office before i never felt like this...anyway i have to focus on sleeping right now....and i want this when its no prototype anymore:

stay healthy!




I get ill all the time.... I think it happens a lot to super cool people like us. Something to do with using so much energy being amazing. :P

By Blogger MinusAll, at 20. Oktober 2010 um 12:10  

!!! you know how to make someone smile XD

By Blogger Sandra Valerie, at 20. Oktober 2010 um 13:54  

"when i get sad i stop being sad and be awesome instead" :-p

By Blogger Kim-Anh Nguyen, at 21. Oktober 2010 um 04:44  

no seriously it's the same shit by me except the point 8. and maybe the 4. because i don't have a job since one year...

when are you planning to go to copenhague? i'm going back there in november for a tattoo appointment but it's so boring for me... all alone in this town :/

By Blogger Kim-Anh Nguyen, at 21. Oktober 2010 um 04:48  

i will send you a message on facebook cause of travelling - woahooo to travel with you would be AWESOME!!!!!! if you want to travel with a complete stranger hahahaha^^

By Blogger Sandra Valerie, at 21. Oktober 2010 um 06:54  

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