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f*cking snakes
2010-10-11 / 14:33

so here you see the next step on my hermes girl. looks quite diffrent than the first step ...but i thought "heeey hermes this lil guy had a stick with snakes on it" so i HAD to put snakes in this picture and thought "uuuh thats easy..a snake is just a head with some tube-thing behind it" ....but fool lil sandra ...oh naive lil me! oh it was a lot of work on the snakes, with all the rules for the back and for their belly and i have a nightmare when i even think of the pattern i have to put on it... - but i thank god, allah, buddah and all the other gods who comes in your mind that i have my boy alex. he helped me so much with those snakes eventhough he also struggles with them a lil... and some stuff still have to be corrected on the snakes..BUT the main composition is there i think...

here you can see how much paper i needed to figured those snakes out (and there are more in the other room -.-) cause alex wanted me to show more but me with my bullethead wanted to figure the "logical in the snakes body (alex said that)" out like he explained me BUT i wanted to draw it all by myself i think i needed much longer than i would have to if i just let alex stroke some lines..but i need to learn this stuff so i had to do this on my own YESSSSHHH^^

this one was the composition-sketch which alex drew and he asked me if i wanted it to do it this way - and i said noooooooway...
and now you can see the results hahaha^^

so i hope i get to do the lines tomorrow...

thx for reading eventhough i used the F-word in the headline..

goooood night :D



it's really interesting how your work! and yeah snakes are not so easy!!!! but it looks really good!!!

you're so lucky to have someone to help you!

By Blogger Kim-Anh Nguyen, at 11. Oktober 2010 um 21:20  

I like the final effect :)

By Blogger design traveller, at 12. Oktober 2010 um 02:28  

thank you! i hope it already turned out better than i thought it could..haha desprate me^^

By Blogger Sandra Valerie, at 12. Oktober 2010 um 02:55  

and kim - i would love to see your WIP - i love to see how ppl work..but most of them make a big secret out of it T.T

By Blogger Sandra Valerie, at 12. Oktober 2010 um 02:55  

are you going to work on it some more? I mean add colours itd.

By Blogger design traveller, at 12. Oktober 2010 um 07:39  

of course - those are only the sketches! i hope to get the lines today and then add the colors on thursday and friday and do the finishing over the weekend. i still have a long way to go.

By Blogger Sandra Valerie, at 12. Oktober 2010 um 08:18  

mmmm! i like! yeah, i as well had to learn that snakes are far from easy to draw, i think in fact they are one of the worst things you can choose to do.

By Blogger ana jasin, at 13. Oktober 2010 um 21:01  

love this, beautiful

By Blogger Ashley, at 14. Oktober 2010 um 00:13  

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