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busy snakes
2010-10-21 / 13:14

i dont know what i will make with the eyes of the snakes O.O
and i have to shade the tunges maybe a lil bit...but i have not decided this yet..hmmm
and maybe i have overdone the background hmm..i cant decide it yet either..have to see it after sleeping a night. yesh.


the first time skin-color!!!!! YAY. i am really proud...eventhough it isnt clean yet and i am not so sure about the shades - but i think for the first time its just fiiinee :D what do i draw next?



the background is ok! I really like it this way. I'm so envious! you really did ok with the skin, I'm really bad with the colours... (traditional or digital, I've to improve!)

mm... think about what you're going to draw next, I want to see it soon!

By Blogger Vaik, at 21. Oktober 2010 um 14:53  

i lovvvveee thiiissss

By Blogger Little Eden, at 21. Oktober 2010 um 18:58  

thaaaaaaaaaank you!

By Blogger Sandra Valerie, at 22. Oktober 2010 um 00:31  

wow very beautiful.

thanks for following me.
Have a question or two ;-)
Were do you live now and do you understand german, so I can write in german?


By Blogger Sarah, at 22. Oktober 2010 um 03:05  

Beautiful! You are so talented!
Greetings from Germany! :)

By Blogger Mlle Isabell, at 22. Oktober 2010 um 03:07  

Huch und jetzt sehe ich, dass du ja aus München bist! Peinlich... erst lesen... ^^"

By Blogger Mlle Isabell, at 22. Oktober 2010 um 03:08  

hey :))

thanks for following!!
you are from munich?
do you understand german?!

greets :)

By Blogger ♥ Sonja SxE ♥, at 22. Oktober 2010 um 03:43  

also ich komme ursprünglich aus münchen - wohne aber jetzt in essen, hoffe aber bald möglichst nach düsseldorf ziehen zu können (essen ist nicht wirklich meine stadt -.-)
also sarah & isabell & sonja yesssshh i talk write and think in german haha^^ usually.

aber ich fühl mich sehr geehrt, dass man von meinem geschriebenem englisch hier ausgehen könnte, dass ich nur das könnte Klasse. vllt schaff ichs doch noch mal auszuwandern :D

By Blogger Sandra Valerie, at 22. Oktober 2010 um 03:51  

oh, you did it! Looks great with all the inky blacks!

By Blogger design traveller, at 22. Oktober 2010 um 12:31  

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