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Gentleman & Give Away
2010-08-04 / 12:17

just started a new split sheet with alex - cause he had some difficulties with the other style of mine. so we will see what will happen with this one! it will be only b/w

So - i have decided to make a Give Away when i have 50 Followers. It will include a original small drawing in a frame. So we will wait for the Nr. 50 in our lil Follower-List YAY



you are so good at drawing portraits! I like the noses especially ahah maybe I am strange XD
(I can't draw a nose that seems to be a little realistic!)

By Blogger sara, at 4. August 2010 um 13:51  


By Blogger Little Eden, at 4. August 2010 um 15:13  

haha the nose! i know that kind of "obsession" i couldnt draw feet for a loooong time - so i loved to see good drawn feet :D

and thank you :D

hohoho i see i have 51 follower - so i have to start my give away today :D

By Blogger Sandra Valerie, at 4. August 2010 um 23:08  

I agree, you're really good at portraits! <3

By Blogger Kim-Anh Nguyen ART, at 5. August 2010 um 12:20  

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