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The Love Scale
2010-05-16 / 07:40

have done some lines for my love / hate scale and i am pretty proud of the roses. those are the first one who arent that full of details. thanks to alex he helped me with them - cause i am really more the face-ppl-drawer and he is really supportive! have to add some leaves but thats a thing of a couple of secs/mins.

still sitting on the shades of crocs & crowns...i want the ball at the bottom to be i have to practice first haha... ill made more lines at first - to have like 5 sheets or something..i am becoming faster making lines - and honestly - its more fun..even though i know i have to practice the *******-shades. i will be proud if i can do clean soft shades.

ps: havent got the waitress job at the vapiano restaurant. they wanted me to make 10 hrs stints! without a break - so i said no..crazy ppl!



hey thanx for your comment!
i added you on my daily blog list, it's nice to read your blog and i think i've got lot to learn from you, specialy the shading :)
all the best,

By Blogger Kim-Anh NGUYEN, at 16. Mai 2010 um 09:17  

from me? ??? i think you havent looked at your own pics for a long time! they are so clean! and your kois are WOW! but thanks! i'll read your blog too :)

By Blogger Sandra Valerie, at 16. Mai 2010 um 11:58  

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